Why you should never look for the perfect trade signals

The word perfect can cause big trouble in the trading profession. The novice traders always look for the perfect trade signals and they expect that they can earn a big amount of money by doing the in-depth data analysis. But this is not how the trading industry works. No one can find the perfect trade signals no matter how hard they try. And there are no tools that can put the tag of “best trade setup” in the market. So, we should not look for the perfect trade signals.

Today, we are going to discuss some of the key reasons for which you should never look for the perfect trade signals. Take your time and go through this article as we will teach you how you can make money without having the perfect trade setup.

Dealing with the probability factor

The first thing which you need to get in your mind is the probability factor. Without thinking about the probability factor, you can’t accept the fact, losing trades are inevitable. Once you become certain that no one can predict the direction of the trade with accuracy, you can easily look for the trade signals that have a higher margin to make a profit. It might take a while to get used to this concept but it is the only effective way by which you can change you can prepare yourself to deal with the losing trades.

Trade with long term goals

Professional traders always trade with long-term goals. It helps them to take the trades strategically. Once you learn to trade with the long-term goals, you will no longer look for the perfect trade signals. Even if you lose few trades in a row, you can recover the losses with a big smile. So, get a demo account from the Saxo capital markets and start developing your skills just like professional traders. Stick to the demo trading account till you become confident with your actions. Once you master this key technique, you should be able to take the trades with strong confidence.


Those who look for the perfect trading signals always develop the habit of overtrading. Due to overtrading, novice traders often lose their entire trading capital. But if you know the fact, perfect trading signals never exist, you will not work hard to find the best trade setups. Thus you will slowly focus on the quality trade signals. Those who have already developed the problem of overtrading should take a small break from their trading profession. It will help them to refresh their mind and allow them to execute quality trades.

Keep things simple

If you stop looking for the perfect trade signals in the market, everything will become simple. Slowly you will learn to consider trading as your business. On the contrary, if you look for the perfect signal, you will start making complex decisions. You integrate the trading system with the complex tools and thus you will be losing money due to poor decisions. Without having access to a simple trading strategy, you can’t find reliable trade signals in the market. If required, you may learn a price action trading strategy and use this technique to take the trades.

Gives you false confidence

People who look for the best signals often become too proud of their skills. But no one can say for sure that know what will happen to this market. So, if you become too proud of your trade execution process, you are going to trade the market with false confidence. Such confidence can ruin your performance within a short time.

Never expect to make money from a certain trade rather try to reduce the risk factor in each trade. Having the least expectations from this market will force you to look for quality trade signals. But be careful with your trade edge. Stop making unnecessary changes as it doesn’t help to improve your skills.